Our Mission

Oshki is on a mission to save the great lakes

Every year, over 22 million pounds of plastic waste enter the Great Lakes, threatening the health of vital wildlife and ecosystems. At Oshki, we're determined to make a difference.

Through our circular economy model, we transform plastic waste from the Great Lakes and across the United States into durable, sustainable apparel. To date, we've used over 160,000 plastic bottles worth of plastic waste, with 100% of it coming from the United States and a portion of it sourced from Oshki's Great Lakes beach cleanups.

We use plastic-free and naturally biodegradable packaging to ship products instead of using traditional poly mailers. The fibers are made from 100% recycled content and the highly recycled content can be readily recycled into a useful product in its next life. Packaging is also made in the USA. 

We also donate 5% of all profits to non-profits working to preserve the Great Lakes, helping to fund research, advocacy, and cleanup efforts. With Oshki, you can feel good about the apparel you wear and the impact you are making.

circular economy

Oshki is dedicated to creating a circular economy. We are proud to be the first apparel company to focus solely on the use of US plastic waste in our recycling process. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a fully closed-loop supply chain, where all plastics are sourced exclusively from Oshki's cleanup efforts.

"Oshki" Meaning

Oshki means "Fresh" in Ojibwe, a tribe native to the Great Lakes region for thousands of years. By choosing the name Oshki, we honor the Ojibwe people's sustainable lifestyle and join their commitment to preserving the Great Lakes for future generations.

5% to the lakes

5% of all profits go to preserving the Great Lakes, which is what matters most to us. We use a quarterly donation model, where we re-evaluate the most dire needs of Great Lakes issues and support non-profits working on those issues.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Jackson, the founder of Oshki. As a young boy growing up near the shores of Lake Michigan, Jackson witnessed firsthand the alarming threats to the Great Lakes watershed. Driven by his passion for the environment and desire to make a positive impact, Jackson founded Oshki in 2017 while still a senior in high school. In 2019, as a freshman at the University of Michigan, Jackson was awarded a grant to redesign Oshki's supply chain, leading to the development of a circular economy model that transforms US plastic waste into durable, sustainable apparel. Today, Jackson leads Oshki as a full-time entrepreneur, dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and inspiring others to take action

Desire for change

Jackson's passion for sustainable fashion was fueled by his frustration with the industry's lack of true sustainability. Many companies claim to source materials sustainably, but often neglect the carbon impact of shipping those materials around the world. Jackson recognized the importance of protecting the environment and the need for a circular economy. He founded Oshki with a focus on local sourcing and creating a closed loop supply chain, using US plastic waste to create sustainable apparel. All Oshki products are made in the US or in close proximity to the US, reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.