From U.S. Plastic Waste to performance apparel

Sustainability in Style

Help Native Great Lakes Fish

Preserve Our Habitats

Striving for

Clean Waterways, Clean Fashion

Oshki is on a mission to save the great lakes, one of the world's most valuable natural resources

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"Oshki products always deliver. Amazingly comfortable and functional apparel that looks good, feels good and saves the planet"

Dan Bonner
Great Lakes Outdoorsman

"Tough apparel made of United States recycled plastic, perfect for a day out in the sun enjoying the outdoors."

Jordan Poole
Washington Wizards

"Highly functional, durable fishing shirts also making the largest concentration of fresh water on the planet better. If that isn't an all around win, I don't know what is."

Kirk Deeter
Editor of Trout Magazine

Not only do I love the artwork, the shirts are also high quality & comfortable. My favorite part, though, is the apparel is made of US plastics!

Kris Ole
Michigan Fly Fisherman

Oshki products are lightweight and soft, while at the same time durable and able to "do the job". I'm an Oshki man!

Erick Strickler
Great Lakes Surfer

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