Our planet. Our duty.

Solving the United States plastic waste crisis by transforming plastic into sustainable apparel.

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Our Planet. Our Duty.

Solving the United States plastic waste crisis by transforming plastic into sustainable apparel

Holiday 22 Collection

Help Michigan Trout Populations

Michitrout Performance

Working to Become the Most Sustainable Product in the Industry

Holiday Reflection

5% to Great Lakes Preservation

Our mission

Crafted from plastic waste in the Great Lakes and other US waterways.

Ancient Sturgeon Performance LS

Featured design in Oshki's latest Holiday 22 apparel line. By 2050, the ratio between fish and plastic in Earth's waterways is predicted to be 1:1. We are committed to ending this possibility by rethinking how plastic waste is used.

Ancient Sturgeon Performance Long-sleeve
  • Reuses Plastic Waste

    16 plastic bottles worth of plastic waste is recycled into each shirt, collected from the Great Lakes + other US waterways and reducing your carbon footprint - the world's first sustainable clothing brand to use 100% United States plastic waste. 

  • Sustainably Sourced

    Our collection features recycled polyester produced in North Carolina and South Carolina-grown organic cotton. Muskegon, Michigan is home to our design and operations team.

  • Durable Materials

    Our sustainable clothing is designed with the mindset of combating against the effect of fast fashion. A timeless, durable blend of 100% recycled polyester with an iconic back wave graphic - all unisex sizing.

  • 5% to Sturgeon Preservation

    Oshki was founded due to threats we saw to the Great Lakes watershed. 5% of proceeds from this design are donated to non-profits working to preserve the Lake Sturgeon population

Oshki Holiday Line '22

"It's not about American exceptionalism, It's about creating the most sustainable product possible"

Why we chose to source our products from the United States - from raw materials to final packaging.

Founded in 2017

Inspired by threats to the Great Lakes ecosystem to found Oshki - meaning "Fresh" in Native American Ojibwe. Shift in 2019 to use of 100% United States plastic waste in all apparel.

What Our Customers Say

I bought this Oshki shirt because I thought the premise was great: help remove and reuse some of the plastic waste from the Great Lakes. But it turns out, the shirt is really soft and comfortable in addition to being good for the environment. A win-win.

I actually didn’t know what to expect from the t-shirt. The concept is awesome, but I figured the shirt would be a normal t-shirt. That is not the case. This shirt is extremely soft, fits perfectly, and almost has a “shimmer” to it.

Great products for a great cause near and dear to this Michigander! The shirts are soft and comfortable and I love knowing my money is helping preserve the Great Lakes I grew up enjoying!

I received my shirt very quickly. It is so soft! I get compliments on it every where I wear it!