Founder - Jackson Riegler

I have always been passionate about the Great Lakes. I live within minutes of the sandy shores of Lake Michigan and make sure to constantly visit the largest source of freshwater in the world: The Great Lakes. I have been involved with the outdoors from a young age, and I've documented my love for our surrounding wildlife in various ways.

Through my teenage years, the threat of permanent damage to the Great Lakes ecosystem developed into a deeper issue than ever before. They face the risk of invasive Asian Carp entering the Great Lakes, the ancient Line 5 pipeline under the straits of Mackinac bursting - creating a devastating oil spill, and the The Trump Administration’s proposed budget cuts towards Great Lakes funding. I became much more knowledgeable of these endangering factors through research at the GVSU Annis Water Research Center in Muskegon, Michigan and I wanted to make a difference.

With these risks at an all-time high, I was inspired in July 2017 to create Oshki at the age of 17. "Oshki" means "Fresh" in Native American Ojibwe (a tribe native to the Midwest and Michigan). My mission at Oshki is to raise awareness of the dangers to our beloved Great Lakes - as we donate 5% of proceeds to the charities who share this mission.  We deliver quality, long lasting, and comfortable clothing - all without leaving the parameters of the Midwest. I anticipate you are as passionate about saving the Great Lakes as I am and I hope you love our clothing at Oshki!

Thank you.