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2019: Our Shift to Sustainability

2019: Our Shift to Sustainability

Founding Oshki was completed with the mindset that sustainability and preservation would be put at the top of the priority list no matter the circumstance. 

Since July 2017, we have continued to put out new products - donating 5% of proceeds to non-profits working to preserve the Great Lakes. Although our customers have enabled us to donate over $1,200 to these amazing organizations, the feeling that Oshki could do more as a company to produce items of the utmost quality and sustainable materials has pushed me towards working on a shift to sustainability as a brand. 

One of the most shocking realizations I have come to over the last few months is the detrimental effects the fashion industry has on the environment. A change is needed in the garment industry - where "fast fashion" has become the number 2 source of pollution on planet earth. A study done by the World Resources Institute revealed that the average consumer bought 60% more clothing in 2014 than in 2000, but kept each garment half as long. Taking into account that each cotton shirt takes approximately 2,700 liters of water to produce, the need for sustainability in this industry has never been greater. While most industries have become cleaner since the turn of the millennia, the fashion industry has regressed. 

With the help of the University of Michigan group OptiMize and personal research over the last 3 months - all Oshki products released in 2019 and beyond will be made of recycled plastic waste collected from the Great Lakes and other waterways. With the help of American companies Repreve and Recover Brands - this plastic waste is sourced entirely from United States water and land cleanups. The PET plastic waste is ground into minuscule pieces, which is transformed into recycled polyester fibers. The dynamic existence of these fibers allows limitless capabilities into what types of products are made from recycled plastic - giving a new use to otherwise useless material and keeping plastic out of the Great Lakes and beyond.

We will be doing a small sample run in January and February in partnership with Recover Brands before our eventual large product release. A project such as this takes time, but the customer support we have received over the last year and half makes it worth our time as well as the need for more sustainability in the fashion industry. I am excited for what is in store for 2019 and beyond. 

With love,

Jackson Riegler

Founder - Oshki LLC

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Jun 22, 2019 • Posted by Rhonda Lamberg

Thank you for sharing your passion for our planet, it’s environment, resources, and inhabitants (for loss of a better word to describe our animals and us)! This is a very novel idea, and I’d like to consider contributing through the purchase of your clothing. It has me more excited about recycling and reducing my use of plastics, as I’ve been involved with doing so much of my life. Thank you for more inspiration! Two questions: what does PET stand for (where you were referring to plastic particles-I will research it once I leave this site, so perhaps it’s a moot question in a few minutes)! And, secondly, and most importantly, when will your site allow me to see items to shop for? (I could not navigate to purchase items, or could not discern how to). In closing, I’m grateful for meeting your sister, Anna, recently, who shared your vision with me. You are not alone in your compassion to make a difference-I am excited for your
energy and motivation to do something this profound about it! Thank you!

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